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Photo Credit: Tracey Kroll The Welcome Mat

Brew podcasts focus on the passionate and explosive craft beer culture.

inside-the-passion-Nathan-HowleyBrew: Back and Beyond inside-the-passion-podcast-go

Nathan and LaMott share backstories of released episodes, unreleased material, and some of what lies ahead.

insidethepassion-com-lamott-brew-podcastsBrew: The Theme

After hours, a liquor store beer manager, a fashion designer, a beer lover, the owner of a small town liquor store and LaMott, hangout for a chat about the blow-up of craft breweries, and – future podcasts.

Brew: Fat Orange Cat

After many months of hurdling obstacles, the opening is only weeks away! The husband and wife owners of a small farmhouse brewery come up for air to spend an evening at home with Nathan and LaMott.

Brew: 30 Mile Brew Co.

Fun with Luke and Christa! Doing that craft beer “thang!” Oh, yeah! BABY, BABY! Making it happen! Keeping it going! And⎯keeping it real!

ct-hops-farmingBrew: Hop Dreams

Did you know that hops in Connecticut were once a viable crop? Today⎯they’re making a comeback! Tips to start-up. Read and listen.

kentucky-bourbon-barrel-craft-beerBrew: Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Beer

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company in Kentucky makes inroads into the Northeast craft beer producing corridor. Read and listen.

Brew: Craft Beer Dinner Anatomy
inside-the-passion-podcast-goA craft beer dinner sounds like a lot of FUN! Doesn’t it? Nathan and LaMott return to the Penny Lane Pub roundtable to break it down.