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Charcoal and white chalk on toned paper by Artist Adi Dahlke

Music & Art: The Welcome Mat

Music & Art podcasts travel along the paths that give birth to visionary works of art.


Music & Art: Plastician Artistinside-the-passion-podcast-go

Over twenty years ago, he declared himself an Environmental Artist, joining a global artistic movement to raise awareness of our massive scale of consumption. One day, this Plastician Artist discovers that it’s not a consumption problem—Not at all!

Music & Art: Back and Beyondinside-the-passion-podcast-go

LaMott and Nathan share backstories of released Music & Art episodes, and take a look at what’s ahead.

Music & Art: Genesis

Many years ago, the path was too dark for LaMott. One night, four simply spoken words by an Impressionist artist cast light on a brighter path – “Do what you love.” LaMott enjoys an evening with this artist, and his talented photographer wife.

Music & Art: The Plywood Cowboy

In his creative space, a piano man with 35 years of playing time shares his passion for mastering his craft, working with Mother Nature, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth – over coffee, donuts, and the best bacon ever!

Music & Art: The Grateful Pony Part One

Thirteen-years ago, this native New Yorker had a vision to marry her passion for horses to her love for artistic expression. Tomorrow, this dream becomes her reality. And today, she prepares for the next day’s glorious event.

Music & Art: The Grateful Pony Part Two

These horses have so much character! And, can we talk about the donkey? Let’s talk! We make our way on this windy day from the paddock to the house, where we meet this visionary’s best friend from childhood for an exhilarating chat.

Music & Art: CZechMate Part One

An American musician is beckoned to Prague by his love for a Czech poet, and a longing to be immersed in a rich culture that embraces the arts. One night in this magical city, after the debut concert performance of his new band, Supercool…

Music & Art: CZechMate Part Two

He removes a mythical symbol of creativity, rebirth, and Esoteric Knowledge from the deep pocket of his trench coat. This symbol can unknowingly lead one into the depths of subconscious so one can see what’s up. This place, LaMott calls – CZechMate.


Music & Art: Self Portrait

The wilding of youth in a bar room brawl spills outdoors and leads to one bone crunching punch on a concrete pavement⎯paving the way to golden opportunities for growth, achievement, and a wee bit of wisdom.


Music & Art: Master Peaceinside-the-passion-podcast-go

The road to mastering one’s craft begins with a keen sense of Oneness. One sculptor with a lump of clay. One painter with a sketch pad. Two voices. One labor of Love.

Music & Art: Women Playwrights Initiativeinside-the-passion-podcast-go

It’s no secret inside the world of theater that the voices of Women Playwrights get little play on the theatrical stage of creative expression. One small professional Equity Theater steps up big time with a call out to Women Playwrights nationwide.