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Photo Credit: Sara McIngvale

Rhythm & Voice: The Welcome Mat

Rhythm & Voice podcasts capture the vibrancy of creative passion from its youthful core.

Rhythm & Voice: Daybreak inside-the-passion-podcast-go

When one is quiet in the stillness before sunrise, one may be gifted the voice of a songbird. Her joy from singing is unparalleled in the grace of space that rests before dawn. Catch the Sun⎯before she rises!


Rhythm & Voice: Just About the Music

A teen that knows who he is⎯is rare. A small sponge that can absorb the deep puddle of knowledge spilled before him is even more so. There is no envelope placed before him that he will not push⎯it’s merely another glass of water.

Rhythm & Voice: Bridging Genres

Hmmmm… Now, let’s see. What happens when we create this, and then⎯that? Then, let’s say, we mix a little of this with a little of that, add a l’il somethin’ else, and then⎯SHAKE IT UP! Like THIS!

Rhythm & Voice: Birth Of Intuitive Voiceinside-the-passion-podcast-go

We all have a mind, a heart, and a soul. And, an Intuitive Voice.  Can you hear it? Feel it? What is it telling you?

spirit of intuitive voice-intuitive voice-listening

Rhythm & Voice: Spirit Of Intuitive Voiceinside-the-passion-podcast-go

This podcast episode further explores the internal conflict between the Mind, Heart, and Soul. Is it possible to bring every aspect of oneself together on the same page? Read and Listen.